Vital statistics
Position Goods engine on the Scottish Region of BR
Age Built 1924, scrapped age 40 in 1964
Arrived on Sodor N/A
Status Scrapped.
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
47288 was a tank engine who worked with Donald and Douglas on the Caledonian Railway before the Donald left for the Island of Sodor, bringing Douglas with him.


When Donald and Douglas were at their sheds one night, they talked about their plan of escape. 47288 overheard and allowed Douglas to take his usual Wednesday night goods train down Gretna way as part of the plan. The plan was discussed with their drivers, who are also twins. Douglas took 47288's goods down the line that night. When he reached the last station, his crew painted over his numbers, and then he waited for Donald to come past. They traveled to Barrow-in-Furness, where Donald's crew painted over his numbers and the two made their way to Tidmouth.


47288 is an LMS Fowler Class 3F "Jinty", built sometime between 1924 and 1931.



  • 47288's model was released as a representation of the character Jinty. The model was released with Lewis Cox's NWR route project. Along with everything on Lewis' old website, it is no longer available. WildNorWester created his own Jinty model more recently.