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Adam (human)
Vital statistics
Position Vice President of the Great Northern Railway Preservation Society
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Only appearance
Physical attributes

Adam is the Vice President of the Great Northern Railway Preservation Society to his leader, Dave Matthews. The Vice President only appears in the Season 3 episode, Rescue Mission.


In London, a Volkswagen Beetle pulled up alongside Alice looking sad in her shed and out came the Vice President of the society by the name of Adam. He greeted the Atlantic C1 and looked around to find no sign of the volunteers which they will arrive soon, but Dave Matthews later pulled up near Adam's car. Adam asked him to tell Alice about a special surprise coming from the Island of Sodor and it turns out that Gordon will take her to Crovan's Gate. Adam told her that a lot of time had been brought to get her ready by tonight. He also said that the last of the society's money was used to buy a load of coal and will later arrive in an hour. He and Dave Matthews later joined for the ending bit where both Alice and Gordon leave her residence bound for the Island of Sodor at the works station.

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