Andy in Sodor: The Early Years
Vital statistics
Position Peel Godred Branch Line diesel
Age 36-38 as of 2011
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight 83.3 long tons 93.3 short tons 186,000 lb

Andy is the first locomotive on the Peel Godred Branch Line with his colleagues Jeffery, Sean and Steve. Andy's main livery in Sodor: The Early Years was NWR purple while the others have NWR maroon, NWR green and NWR black separately.

Season 3

Andy was reprimanded when he caused a milk tanker to leak at the goods shed that he was to pick up a goods train, while Jeffery was chosen to take the football special and said he never had an accident on his own. When Jeffery's transformer broke down and the special was delayed, Andy was on a goods run at the time. Sean couldn't have his passengers stranded all day at the station. Andy later rescued Jeffery and Henry took the special back to the station on the other side of the island. Andy later made a cameo appearance in Useful Engines with the others hauled by James to Crovan's Gate because the electoral substation was hit by last night's thunderstorm. He later brought the workmen and the breakdown train to re-rail Alfred after Sean actually saw his derailment at Kildane station while on a goods train to Barrow-in-Furness.


Andy, like his colleagues, is a British Rail Class 87.