Annie and Clarabel
Annie and Clarabel
Vital statistics
Position Thomas' passenger coaches
Age 115 (as of 2011)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' loyal coaches. They appeared in some episodes of Sodor: The Early Years.


They first appeared during the opening scene of episode one, Desperate Measures in Season 1. They were given to him by Sir Topham Hatt I when he took charge of his branch line.  They accompanied Thomas to the Arlesburgh Branchline when he was sent there to learn from Lily.

They were notable in Little Western Legacy when they told Henry that Thomas had saved a fisherman out at sea after deciding to pluck up courage when Thomas was being late for arrival at Tidmouth station. They have appeared in episodes such as The Missing Coach, Grand Opening, Old Tricks, Useful Engines and Changes.


Annie and Clarabel are based on Stroudley LB&SCR coaches built in 1896.




Voice Actor

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