Vital statistics
Type Station
Location The Little Western

Arlesburgh is a seaside town on The Little Western that serves as the main terminus for both the Arlesdale Railway and the North West Railway's Little Western.


Both Arlesburgh West and Arlesburgh Shed served as the main locations for Arlesburgh. The town of Arlesburgh West serves as a train station and freight yard where the Arlesdale Railway brings ballast up to the chute and is taken across the North West Railway by any of four NWR engines such as Oliver, Duck or Donald and Douglas. Arlesburgh Shed serves as the primary settlement for the engines mentioned above. It first appeared during the episode, Great Western and finished its appearance during the episode, Ruffled Feathers, which took place in 1994. Arlesburgh returns in Sodor: The Modern Years along with the rest of Duck's Branch Line known as The Little Western which was first named and reopened in 1967.


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