Arlesburgh Shed
Barry, Duck, the Scottish twins and Oliver at Arlesburgh Shed.
Vital statistics
Type Shed
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location The Little Western
Inhabitants Duck
Donald and Douglas

Arlesburgh Shed is the roundhouse where the engines of The Little Western such as Donald and Douglas, Duck and Oliver reside here every night following a hard day's work out in the yards or heading to another part of the railway if given permission by The Fat Controller in doing another engine's job as permitted to do so.


In Season 1, the shed appeared in three episodes. These three episodes were Great Western where it made its first appearance, followed by both Little Western and Night Run. Only one episode in Season 2, Little Engines featured the shed as the other episodes took place on different parts of the island. The shed did not appear at all in Season 3 as one episode, Bluebells & Batsmen took place at Tidmouth Hault on Duck's Branch Line where he was speaking to two cricketers who lost their ball on Stepney's goods train. Season 4 took the shed to perfection in episodes such as Rough Engines, Douglas the Brave and Decisions which the Scottish twins rallied with the two GWR tank engines about Gordon and their escape from scrap in 1959.

By Season 5, Barry left the shed here to go to his heritage railway in England and Sheffield was speaking to Duck about his handling of coaches since he was working on a heritage railway back two decades ago as mentioned in the entire episode.