Arlesburgh West
Vital statistics
Type Station and freight yard
Level Unknown
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Arlesdale Railway
Inhabitants Rex

Arlesburgh West is a station and freight yard belonging to The Little Western, near the main town of Arlesburgh on the Arlesdale Railway.


Arlesburgh West was very common in Season 5 since that the railway didn't get to here in the second and third seasons. Its first appearance was in Harvest Season where both Bert and Douglas spoke about the local produce and the new shipping containers that were brought in at Brendam, but later at a new Container Yard from Sodor: The Modern Years onwards. In Doubts, Barry was picking up some trucks here before Rex warned him about them as Donald believed they were some of the worst on the NWR's rail lines. There was a station in Ruffled Feathers where Jock nearly missed Sheffield's train as it departed without any passengers and Mike was on a runaway here, but Sheffield saved him by landing in a truck full of sand.

In the feature-length episode Winds of Change, Arlesburgh West returned to the screen where Duck tells Bert about Gordon's accident with a stalled lorry at a level crossing near East Knapford station.