Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier one
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Arlesdale Railway
The Little Western
Inhabitants Rex

Arlesdale is the station at the end of The Little Western as a terminus and the main base of operations for the Arlesdale Railway which was constructed in 1967. The main base of operations at Arlesdale was later moved to Arlesburgh West in Season 5.

In Sodor: The Early Years

The railway's center at Arlesdale was first introduced in Little Engines where there was a chute and railway station held here on this line. Rex was the green miniature tender engine who introduced himself to both Bill and Ben. Later, the sheds were seen in Grand Opening where The Small Controller told Bert and Rex to handle the passengers, while Mike does do the goods work. He made a ballast accident on Donald and was staying in the shed for the rest of the day, even missing out on the ceremony. The Scottish twins and Thomas brought their trains to the station to see the grand opening fully crowded. Fortunately, Mike came to rescue Bert who had broken down at the last station.

In Whispers, Sarah told the engines about Duke at their shed and Bert was asked to pick up two clergymen from the platform before taking them to the site where Duke's voices were heard from. By the time of Season 5, all of the railway's main base was moved to Arlesburgh West instead of Arlesdale by the time that episode fifty-two, Harvest Season actually took place right here for the very first time since the railway opened in 1967.