Back on Track
Season Barry the Rescue Engine, Episode three
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 20th of April 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Testing Times A Troubled Engine

Back on Track is the third episode in the mini-series, Barry the Rescue Engine taking place in 1985. It is released as the fifty-first episode overall.


James meets Peter Sam at the works station after Geoff passed them with a goods train. He talked to the narrow-gauge engine about 78018's restoration and a possible rumor that he is helping tourists in the summer. James' injector failed outside the signal box near the next station where he is to stop his passenger train at the platform. With the guard going to get help, the signalman spoke to him about the emergency and 78018 is due through on his test run. Barry was not sure about this, but Sir Charles Topham Hatt said it is a situation to deal with and the restored engine took the train to the station right on time. After some talk, The Fat Controller said that James' driver spoke to him about the failed injector and also, the rumor about Barry's summer tourist trains. Barry left James in a siding and took the passengers to Knapford station.

With the passengers very grateful, Oliver was the next engine to be speaking to Barry before Sir Stephen Topham Hatt spoke to him next about the volunteers' pleasure of 78018 working on the railway for a few days. That night, Gordon spoke to 78018 about the scrapyard part which made him startled but Alice cheered him up. The engines were having a great time speaking to Barry as Henry left the sheds to take his fish train and Diesel was left in a state of confusion with Barry's appearance in the sheds.



  • Next to Peter Sam, there's a light blue Ford Anglia that was used in the 2002 film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • As of this episode, Annie and Clarabel have been retconned as bogie coaches, their RWS forms.


  • The first coach behind James missed the platform.

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Alice
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Stephen Topham Hatt, Sir Charles Topham Hatt, Bear, James, Barry, Gordon, Peter Sam and Oliver



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