Bad Apple
Season Four, Episode
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Air date Friday 1st February, 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Post and Prejudice The Lucky Ones

Bad Apple is the feature-length episode about the events of 1957, where Diesel framed Duck.


Bear returns from Crovan's Gate to Tidmouth Sheds after having to repair his injector that failed on Christmas Eve. James was glad for him to be back and diesels were bringing British Railways up to full power, but Diesel with some glances and anger from the others say that he has a story way back in 1957. The story first starts on British Railways...

It all started on that railway where he needs a goods train to be clear, but the engine hauling it had trouble getting steam up. Later, the controller of British Railways tells Diesel that he will be sent to the North West Railway for goods work as Sir Charles Topham Hatt needs it. Early the next morning, Diesel went to the NWR for work. Diesel has been introduced and stayed with them for a few days as said by Sir Charles Topham Hatt. Duck takes Diesel to the trucks and he tries to pull them but failed and the trucks were singing at him. He hatched up a plan to get rid of Duck. Diesel's operation began with James, Gordon and Henry in their incidents causing their standoff at Tidmouth Sheds against Duck.

The Fat Controller arrived when he heard the big engines whistle. He talked to Diesel and Duck about what happened and Diesel said he heard nothing of the insults as he spoke to The Fat Controller. Duck was eventually sent to work with Edward as the investigation will commence, but Sir Charles Topham Hatt tells the big engines off for causing the disturbance and Diesel to work on Thomas' Branch Line as Percy works at the yard where he investigates about the trucks and Thomas hears it too while Diesel is told off by a policeman.

Toby tells The Fat Controller about what happened last night and a Spiteful Brakevan said that Diesel did use the nicknames to trick the big engines and turn against Duck for the offences. Two messages came from the Ffarquhar stationmaster and The Fat Controller confirms this with some talk to Diesel before he was sent packing. Diesel told them a mentioned story about the time, one of his brothers was killed by the scrap man and Gordon said about Diesel's rescue from his runaway on Christmas Eve in 1969/1981. Diesel apologized to Henry, Gordon and James for the name-calling and they were shocked to hear this as the last thing left in their minds.

James as the tender engines' negotiator accepts the apology and Diesel has won. The diesel locomotive tells Henry about the time he went on strike and was warned about a similar strike back in 1934 but James also apologizes to Bear for being hostile and misjudged him for having dieselization on the NWR.



  • This is the last episode to feature a Railway Series story as a plot.
  • This is based on the book, Duck and the Diesel Engine plus the 1990-1992 annuals by Christopher Awdry.
  • Episodes referenced are Trouble in the Shed, Pop Goes the Diesel, Dirty Work, Old Iron, Duck Takes Charge, Thomas in Trouble and A Close Shave. 
  • This is the only appearance that D261 makes in Sodor: The Early Years.
  • This is the first episode to use Alice and Bear's new baked models.
  • Barry makes a cameo appearance, but isn't introduced until the episode after, The Lucky Ones. Oliver also makes an appearance on his old branch line before it was closed.
  • An epiolouge was written by TobyAndMavisForever where Diesel headed to the Little Western branch to pass his apologies over to Duck. This will be reworked into 'Sodor The Mordern Years' in a flashback.
  • "Galloping Sasusage", "Post and Prejuduce" and "All Worked Out" are refrenced.

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