Bad Apple Trailer
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Saturday 5th January 2013
Location Australia (main recording studio)

The Bad Apple Trailer is a theatrical trailer that is promoting the feature-length episode, Bad Apple. The majority of this episode is set in 1957 while the rest of it is in 1984.


James said the first encounter with a new diesel was far from pleasant before Bear said that one bad apple has swelled for the rest of them. The first words say "Every Story Has Two Sides...". After the argument between James, Bear and Diesel, the next words to go up were "...But Usually, Only One Is Told". D261 spoke about the diesels not suffering from any problems before Duck tells Diesel about being revolutionary and leaves him to it. Diesel then says that steam locomotives were called "iron horses" as his driver said about a "frying sausage" which was from Gordon's steam coming out of his boiler. James said to the Class 08 that he made his goods train too long before a tanker said to the red tender engine about a Railway Series reference.

Henry then said to Duck that he made the jokes being told to the trucks before The Fat Controller said that Percy will be helping out at Knapford Yards and Diesel agreed to do so. Thomas later said to the Class 08 about their branch line and Diesel had been curious to one or two things out he didn't understand. Percy and Edward talk about the investigation and what's going on before the green tank engine said that he will investigate on his own. The trailer then ends with Sodor: The Early Years and underneath it, Bad Apple. The date then shows the 2nd of February, 2013 at the end of the trailer.



  • A Railway Series story, Old Iron is mentioned by the tanker who was talking to James at Knapford Yards.
  • All of the footage is used from the feature-length episode, Bad Apple.

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