Barry the Rescue Engine - Trailer
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Friday 15th March 2013
Location Australia (main recording studio)

The Barry the Rescue Engine - Trailer is used by WildNorWester for the upcoming mini-series of Barry the Rescue Engine which will feature four episodes long and takes place in 1985 during Sodor: The Early Years.


The narrator mentions that some visitors from British Railways came to cheer their relatives up such as Flying Scotsman with Gordon in 1968. This wasn't the main part, but in 1985 was going to be different. A steam locomotive was going to be restored on the North West Railway after being in a scrapyard for twenty years. This features James and Barry across the NWR at first with his goods train before Mike Western said to have his first steam test. Just then, one of the volunteers found out that there's no water in the tower. At Knapford, Stephen Topham Hatt told Barry that he can stay on the railway for a few days and he was glad to hear it. Finally, Sir Charles Topham Hatt said that the new engine was in the scrapyard for twenty years, leaving Mike Western to say that the problems cannot be unresolved.



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