Bocofinished by wildnorwester-dadwuyh
BoCo's RWS Model with 3D Faces
Vital statistics
Position D2, works on Edward's Branch Line
Age 53 (as of 2011)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

BoCo is a diesel who was built in 1958 and arrived on Sodor in 1965 to work on Edward's Branch Line. He is a wise and kind diesel who loves to work.


Once BoCo came to the NWR, he had to deal with Bill and Ben's nonsense as they played a trick on him. Edward soon settled them and told them about BoCo. Then, he threatened to take away the cars he had bought for them when they were teasing Gordon, back when the big engine wandered down Edward's branch. Edward and BoCo then became friends. Since then, he has worked on the Wellsworth-Brendam Bay Branch.


BoCo is based on the BR Class 28 diesel-electric engine, famous for its Co-Bo wheel arrangement.



Cancelled Episodes


Voice Actor


  • Before, SI3D's 2006 BoCo model was used to portray him since it was the best available at the time. More recently, it has been replaced by a model released on The Sudrian Community made by SkarloeytheGreat.
  • A new model of BoCo was created for the second half of Season 2 STMY.
  • BoCo didn't have a speaking role until Season 5, despite making numerous cameos and non-speaking roles.
  • BoCo was originally going to speak in the cancelled Season 1 episode Special Delivery.


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