Brendam Docks
Little Engines
Bill, Ben and Diesel at Brendam Docks.
Vital statistics
Type Harbour
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Brendam

Brendam Docks is the terminus of Edward's Branch Line and where ships come in to collect supplies and be loaded by crane. A station is located here, and it first appeared in full fashion during Season 1.


Brendam Docks first appeared in Identity where Ben helped with the Flying Kipper's vans to be hauled by Henry. Unfortunately, another green engine with the number three took this train and left the docks. Ben was surprised, but the green LMS tender engine wants to find out who it is. Also, the station was in it where Edward spoke to The Fat Controller that the NWR needs another engine to help with the Christmas stuff. In Little Engines, Bill and Ben met Diesel who needs his train to be taken up to Arlesdale where a special project is to take place. After Diesel derails near a cliff by the Troublesome Trucks, the twin engines take his train to the construction site where they meet Rex near the chute.

In Storm Report, the twins helped a fishing boat be hauled to safety by using a coil of rope as the harbor master tied it to Bill's front coupling. The docks could have been mentioned in Phantom of the Quarry where BoCo and Edward take the china clay there to be loaded onto some ships ready to go to the mainland. The docks have been seen or mentioned many times in some episodes during both Sodor: The Early Years and Sodor: The Modern Years.