Vital statistics
Position Sheffield's Brake Van
Age Unknown
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Restored and Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 20 Tons
Brian is a brake van built by the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway in 1905.


Brian worked on the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway, and then onto the newly completed North West Railway. However, he was shunted and locked up in an old harbor shed and forgotten about when the Kirk Ronan Branch Line closed in 1934. Brian was later found after some runaway trucks crashed into the shed, and after he was restored in 1994, he became Sheffield's brake van. Brian made a cameo in Little Western Legacy which took place in 1923. Around 2009, Brian spoke to Thomas about Lily and the fate of the ship she was on. He said the crew made it to land by swimming, but the cargo and the ship sunk in a terrible storm. The question about Lily towards the brake van came from Geoff, the works diesel at Crovan's Gate.

After Brian's cameo with Sheffield in Fame & Misfortune, Brian once again appeared in stock footage for Homecoming from the fourth episode, The Missing Engine. He states about the female tank engine of 1923 and the fate of her ship that she was on, bound for Scotland by sea. She was going to the same place Neil was sent to.


Brian is based on a LNWR  20-ton "Diagram 18" brake van.



Voice Actor


  • Brian is named after a late relative of WildNorWester, who encouraged the latter's interested in trains and railways when he was growing up.