Bridge Street
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier one
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Near Lower Arlesburgh on the Arlesdale Railway

Bridge Street is a station on the Arlesdale Railway and the now closed Mid Sodor Railway near Lower Arlesburgh.


In Sheffield's Secret, Jim was not feeling well and stopped Mike outside the platform. He was just about to go into the station house to telephone for a relief driver when Mike yelled "HEY! DON"T TOUCH THAT!" before Jim turned around to see Mike on a runaway. Jim called out to Mike, but to no use and called on his radio that there's a runaway coming down towards Arlesburgh West. Mike was going too fast as he manually blasted his whistle, passing Rex with a passenger train who was in shock. Frank told his driver to back up quickly, but a workman switched the points to lead Mike to the chute. Sheffield used a truck of sand to catch Mike coming down the chute and did it just in time. After the incident, two workmen closed the chute for track repairs and presumably the police are looking for the teenager who had started the mayhem.

During a storm, Rex mentioned to Olivia, Frank and Blister 2 he saw Jock and Blister 1 here, and that they would be able to 'shelter in the workshops'.