Bridget Hatt
Vital statistics
Position Aunt to the Hatt family
Age Seventy-two
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Only appearance
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Bridget Hatt is Sir Charles Topham Hatt's daughter who was born in 1943. She was seen at a station to pick up Emily Helen Hatt from Toby following a hit-and-run accident which injured the seventeen year old girl's right leg.


When Emily Helen Hatt was struck down by a bad driver, she asked her friend to get Bridget Hatt and tell her what happened. The friend rode off on her bicycle and Toby took the injured girl to the station where Bridget Hatt told her what happened and Toby told her aunt about the description of the car that clipped the seventeen year old girl. The tram engine managed to get nearly half of the registration plate from that car right before saying to Bridget Hatt to call the police to talk to the tram engine at Elsbridge yard. She thanked him and he chuffed off to get the milk train back to the yard. The Policeman, Sergeant Jerry Halford was with the yard master at the yard before telling Toby about the entire incident. Bridget Hatt told her brother Stephen Topham Hatt about the incident which he was upset upon the news given and cancelled an official trip to London to be with his daughter who was in hospital with an injured right leg.


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