• Position: Passenger Bus
  • Status: Operational

Bulgy is the double decker bus that carries passengers on The Little Western, but dislikes the entire NWR and berates like George saying profanities and nasty slurs at the engines for their hard work.


Bulgy was mentioned in the second last episode of Season 5, Darkest Hour to where the bridge that Oliver was traveling on with his passenger train had collapsed. There was a lot of talk between the engines, including those working on The Little Western and it wasn't Bulgy's fault. He was also mentioned in Desperate Times about this and The Fat Controller was nearly being stuck on the field by some coincidence. Hugh, a lorry working for Sodor Road Freight was responsible for crashing into the bridge and not Bulgy. Mervyn Burns was later arrested by the police for his role in the bridge collapse. Bulgy's bridge is named after the bus that crashed into it after stealing both Duck and Oliver's passengers as a railway bus in disguise. He was the main antagonist behind the incident at the bridge and stealing their passengers as the railway bus on his own turf.


Bulgy is an AEC Bridgemaster bus, built sometime between 1957 and 1962.


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