S.C.Ruffey with some trucks at Callan station.
Vital statistics
Type Station
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location The Little Western

Callan is the train station on The Little Western where it had appeared in many episodes of Sodor: The Early Years.


Callan was mentioned in Great Western where Oliver called for help in bringing a rope to be attached between the front of him and Duck's cab following his accident with the Troublesome Trucks at a bend near the sea. Duck's train had passed the station platform when the trucks rallied on, causing the accident to end near the coast. Callan appeared in Sheffield's Secret where Donald and Duck talked about the austerity tank engine before Sheffield arrived with a goods train. He was then told about Sixteen, a rude and nasty locomotive that tumbled over at a steelworks after ignoring a danger sign in the 1950's and 1960's. It turned out that Sheffield was actually Sixteen in the old days. After thanking Donald, he chuffed off and the Scottish tender engine said about seeing his mates around the mainland working very hard indeed.

Sheffield is now part of the North West Railway as part of The Fat Controller's decisions to use him as both a mixed-traffic engine and an asset to the NWR for good deeds. The austerity was minded about the bargains and financial gains to the whole railway under Stephen Topham Hatt, the third Fat Controller of the NWR. Callan also appeared in the last two episodes of Sodor: The Early Years, known as both Darkest Hour and Desperate Times.