Vital statistics
Position Cricketer's Car
Age 83 (as of 2011)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Caroline is a vintage car owned by a cricketer from the Elsbridge Cricket Club.


Caroline was sleeping when two of the cricketers got into her and drove off quickly. She wanted to know what the rush was for, and one of the cricketers said that Stepney's train has their only ball in it. Caroline was seen leaving Tidmouth Hault after the two cricketers talked to Duck about what happened which Stepney left the station. She turned left passing Bertie along the way to a level crossing near the next station by going through town. She stopped on the left side of the crossing as the two men waved frantically. She talked to Stepney about her thoughts from the master who had her for twenty years as Donald spoke to her with a Scottish accent. Caroline couldn't make it to the pitch, so Stepney transported her on a flatcar and she was dropped off at the cricket pitch.


Caroline is based on a 1926 Morris Oxford Bullnose Cabriolet.


Caroline is painted red and gold. her name is painted on her sides in white.



Voice ActorEdit


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