Vital statistics
Position Manager of the Mid Sodor Railway
Age Unknown
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Seen in episodes on the Mid Sodor Railway.
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Charles was the manager of the Mid Sodor Railway.


Charles was at the Mid Sodor Railway's engine shed when a familiar, well-suited gentleman came to see him. He knew it was Sir Charles Topham Hatt and greeted him warmly. The Fat Controller said that the railway's financial gains are not well upwards and Charles said that closure cannot be avoided which was the last thing on his mind. The well-suited gentleman said there's only one opportunity to get the railway off its backs and that was to send two steam locomotives from Arlesdale up to Crovan's Gate for the Skarloey Railway. Charles agreed to the deal over it and he chose a decision to manage The Little Western with Duke as his only steam locomotive.

In 1928, At the sheds on the Mid Sodor Railway, Charles told Duke, Stuart, Falcon and Atlas that a new steam locomotive was coming to the railway to handle the new express services. His name was Andreas. Later on, Charles questioned Andreas about a complaint from a local passenger who was left behind at the top station. Andreas' driver heard this, but Andreas claimed he did not due to his loud whistle. Charles put Andreas on Falcon's trains while Falcon took over the express duties however when Andreas nearly injured his fireman on purpose he was relegated to the shed. After Duke put in a word for Andreas, Charles let him out again.

While overseeing Stuart's repairs, Charles was shocked when he heard Andreas confess to Duke and Falcon, that latter of which had interrogated him, that he had heard the passenger and left him behind on purpose. Charles angrily told Andreas that he would now look after Stuart duties stating he was only running due to the latter's maintenance. He then threatened that if Andreas put another bolt out of line that would be the end of him, with Duke in agreement. After Stuart's maintenance was complete Charles rostered Andreas to Goods Work. The final straw came when Andreas suffered an accident after insulting Atlas to the trucks. Charles angrily informed Andreas that he'd had enough and that the engine would be placed at the back of the sheds, before being converted into a Steam Boat.


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