Christmas Eve
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Voice actors
Date December 24
Location Worldwide

Christmas Eve is an event that is celebrated around the world. The Island of Sodor also celebrates Christmas Eve during the series of both Sodor: The Early Years and Sodor: The Modern Years.


The Fat Controller first mentioned Christmas after he ended a fight between Alfred and Henry over the stealing of the Flying Kipper. The two tender engines forgave themselves following Alfred's rescue from a snowdrift at Henry's Tunnel. Christmas was still on after Thomas, Toby, Daisy and Percy managed to reach Knapford station by plowing the snowdrift at Henry's Tunnel. In 1969/1970 or 1981's Christmas Eve, Diesel saved Gordon from a runaway following an incident at Knapford station where Gordon's driver accidentally pulled a lever and fell out of his cab before the runaway began. In 1983, Oliver made someone's Christmas really special and a special party was held at Knapford Sheds where Sir Charles Topham Hatt made his plan to retire to start on January 1st 1984 which made all of the NWR engines very sad indeed.

In Season 4, Christmas was on across the NWR in three episodes which they are  Cold WheelsSnowed In, and Post & Prejudice. The episodes feature a concert and the snowed-in terrain where the passengers need to be at that concert, and James rescues Bear after he breaks his torque converter. Sir Charles Topham Hatt, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt and their three children were at the concert. A Christmas speech for 1994 in Desperate Times featured about the rail scandal, The Fat Controller's help and the media report at Knapford station. Stephen Topham Hatt congratulated James, Henry, Thomas and Patrick for their brilliant detective work.

The final episode of Season 1 STMY features Iris and it takes place at Christmas time in 2009. This episode is called Taking Care of Christmas.

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