City of Truro
The real City of Truro
Vital statistics
Age 112
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status National Railway Museum, static display
Physical attributes

City of Truro is a famous engine who once came to the North West Railway on a visit in 1957. He met all of the engines, except Gordon who says to Duck that City of Truro is not respectable, as he has no dome.


City of Truro came to the railway to see Duck and talked about his famous world record in the south-west of England in 1904. The engines loved him and talked about a lot of information that very night. Early next morning, he left for British Railways leaving the engines sad and in despair. Gordon attempted to go at 100mph by running fast, but at the viaduct lost his dome to heavy winds. He was laughed at by the passengers before heading back to Tidmouth Sheds for a good night's rest. One of the biggest ceremonies took place at the sheds where City of Truro was on the turntable and was joined by a lot of engines there. These engines were Edward, James, Donald and Douglas, Percy, Thomas, Duck and Toby. Bertie was there behind the enthusiasts and Gordon was seen in the background feeling jealous to see the others having fun with the famous engine, but not himself due to the express runs he made for a long time in many years to come.


City of Truro is a GWR 3700 "City" class.