Vital statistics
Type Station
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Before Haultraugh station

Cliffton is a train station that appears on The Little Western during any episodes that take place on the line near both Tidmouth Hault and Tidmouth.


The station was mentioned a few times during both Sodor: The Early Years and Sodor: The Modern Years. The Troublesome Trucks always played good or bad tricks on engines coming along this line. They played their little tricks on Barry in Doubts who ordered his driver to put sand on the rails, Sheffield in Ruffled Feathers who broke the brake line on one of the trucks and Colin in Consequences who crashed into a house after coming off the train tracks at Haultraugh. In Little Western Legacy, Thomas had forgotten to take up water at Cliffton forcing the entire train to stop on the middle of the line at the bend. Winston said to Thomas that he should take up water at Cliffton in the first place and borrowed some of his own water to put into Thomas's tank. The two trains then went off for their destinations with Winston heading down south and Thomas heading up north.