Vital statistics
Position Sodor & Mainland Railway engine
Age Died at 78
Status Scrapped
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Clive is the third engine from the old Sodor & Mainland Railway.


Clive, Roger and Neil worked together on the Sodor & Mainland Railway. When the S&M pulled together with the Tidmouth, Knapford and Suddery Railway to form the North West Railway, the S&M engines worked with Thomas, Edward, Colin, Lily and Adam to help Sir Topham Hatt I run the railway, with Clive mainly ran the Ffarquhar Branch, in 1923, Thomas took over the branch line and Clive was most likely assigned to shunting duties. In 1931, Clive, along with Adam, Colin and Edward were assigned to help the expansion of Knapford Harbor. One morning, Edward arrived in time to see a young green steamroller being unloaded from Clive's flatbed, who introduced himself as George. However, in 1934, Clive, Roger, Colin, Lily and Adam were sent for scrap when the railway was facing financial difficulties, with only Neil surviving. While Lily managed to escape, Clive and the rest were left in pieces.


Clive, along with his S&M workmates, is a Neilson 0-4-0 box tank built in 1856.


Clive is painted, the S&M's standard green livery with black wheels and a golden whistle. He has S&M 3 written on both sides of his tanks in gold.



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