Coaling Plant
Vital statistics
Type User of coal
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Tidmouth station

The Coaling Plant is a location that all tender engines on the North West Railway must get their coal from. Sometimes a coal bunker is only used for tank engines.

In Sodor: The Early Years

Most episodes including Bluebells & Batsmen, Ruffled Feathers, Sheffield's Secret, The Missing Coach and Desperate Times had the coaling plant being at Tidmouth. It is always held there just outside the train station where passengers hop on board expresses and local passenger trains. It used to be a brownish small funnel for engines to collect from, but by Season 5 shows that the coaling plant has turned much bigger in a light greyish color. Most engines such as the Scottish twins and James collect their coal from here, while coal bunkers were for tank engines such as Thomas, Percy, Duck, Oliver and Sheffield only.

In Sodor: The Modern Years

The coaling plant along with Tidmouth are expected to return in the series that is due to take place in the modern era which features most of the engines in their Railway Series format.