Colin Stiles
Colin Stiles has 16 years old
Vital statistics
Position Retired porter
Age 89 as of 2017
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Not stated
Weight Not stated

Colin Stiles is a retired porter who worked at Norbridge station in 1944. At the time, he was 16 years old.


Colin Stiles knew about Winston and the actions he took to prevent a huge tragedy. Stiles was sixteen years old, but was too young to fight with the British Army. The man did not know at the time that D-Day was just over a week away and the Allied forces were going to change the course of World War II. All trains across Great Britain were running fast, sending troops and ammunition to harbors along the coast. On May 30th 1944, Mary was supposed to pass through Norbridge, but was late and being helped by Winston because her injector failed.

He said to Colin that an engine will need to wait two stations down the line. Colin said he will phone control when the red tender engine passes through with his ammunition train. Several minutes later, Winston passed through Norbridge again. Smoke from his funnel flew in the air as he tried to make up for lost time. The porter was waiting on the platform, smiling as the train came into view. Suddenly, he spotted smoke from behind Winston on the first van. Colin stopped the train and the stationmaster evacuated the station.

Winston's driver helped get the first van clear from the rest, whilst Colin helped up Winston's fireman who had uncoupled the van from the train. Winston and his driver got clear from the train in time, but did not have time for them to get clear of the van. The blast left a huge crater in the ground, and not much else. But Winston and his driver, James Clarke, were awarded for their actions in preventing a greater tragedy. Colin told the engines who knew Winston (With the exception of Alice) this, leaving them very sad.