Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone
Season Three, Episode Seven
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 18th February 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Comfort Zone is the seventh episode of Season 3, and the twenty-fifth episode overall.


Mavis was collecting a train of mining supplies at Ffarquhar, but before she left, Thomas came rushing down with the Breakdown Train and telling her that Percy had an accident down the line near the quarry. After waiting for one hour, The Fat Controller said that Percy had collided with a lorry and the crossing is severely damaged having to be repaired in a few days time. She did Percy's jobs while he is at Crovan's Gate until the stationmaster said that Thomas has been delayed at Knapford and she has to take his passengers along the line. She stopped at Elsbridge where Mavis spoke to Henry who in turn gave some advice to her about stopping at a station. She stopped at Maron in good timing of her brakes as James passed her with a goods train.

After passing Gordon, she finally arrived at Tidmouth as Oliver pulled into the station. She spoke to Oliver for a few minutes before taking her train up to Gordon's Hill. The rear coupling snapped behind her and Donald saw the whole thing by calling out to her about the incident. Mavis went back downwards and was coupled to the rear end of the passenger train after a brave effort by the guard. She arrived on time at Ffarquhar and Toby talked to her about the incident. Following the conversation, she took the trucks to the quarry as of the crossing being repaired and Percy back at work after the accident took place in the beginning.



  • The Fat Controller said that "the crossing will have to be repaired", but at the end, the narrator says that "the quarry siding had been repaired".

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Mavis
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Thomas, Donald, Toby, Oliver, Henry and Sir Charles Topham Hatt



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