Crovan's Gate
Alice at the station with her express train.
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location The Main Line

Crovan's Gate is a town and station on The Main Line and is the terminus to the Skarloey Railway via the express or other main line passenger services from either Gordon, Henry, James or Alice.


Rheneas told Gordon at this station that he had to pull at least two trains over the hill to reach for the station in time for the express. The big blue engine later got to Knapford and told The Fat Controller about the Skarloey Railway's problems with only one engine and the other being mended. That has now called for two engines on a small railway now crippled by closure that they are needed to be on the Skarloey Railway. Diesel told Sir Handel that steam engines are still on the railway and a Diesel will be on the railway at this very station where the conversation began. The narrow-gauge engine tried to argue, but Skarloey said to have the argument dismantled.

It was also at this station that the narrow-gauge engines got to Crovan's Gate just in time during a heavy thunderstorm. Stepney was waiting there with a medical train for any of the townspeople that were injured or wounded. During the Barry the Rescue Engine mini-series, most of the episodes took place at Crovan's Gate where Barry is to be built and installed as a steam locomotive under some volunteers and Sir Charles Topham Hatt with Alice as a caretaker due to a near boiler explosion.

In Medivac, Stephen Topham Hatt talked to Donald about his new coat of paint and spoke to Mark Stephens about building a new engine and the steam works is located here. It later was shown in Learning Curve when Eric meets James for the very first time. Crovan's Gate appears in the intro of Season 5 for the series.

In 2009, Bear took Gordon to the works after his accident with a lorry. Geoff, the works diesel, called the lorry driver a "fool". The station was near the works complex where Bear saw that Gordon wasn't being repaired, believing that someone was preventing the LNER A3 from being restored to full health. Both the works and the station appeared in the episodes Doncaster Drawn, The Missing Engine, Homecoming, Ode to George Carlin, Genesis of a Grudge and the feature-length special, Winds of Change.