Vital statistics
Participants Canada
United States of America
Date Tuesday June 6th, 1944
Location Normandy, France
D-Day (or known as Operation: Overlord) is the operation where Allied troops from Canada, England and the United States landed on five separate beaches in Northern France during World War II. It was mentioned during an episode of Sodor: The Early Years known as Iron Hero.


In Sodor: The Early Years, Colin Stiles said that he was sixteen years old in 1944. He was too young to fight with the British forces, but taken his job as a porter at Norbridge station. One thing he didn't notice with the trains rushing all over England was that the Allies prepare to invade Normandy and change the course of World War II against Germany with it just a week away. In reality, one hundred and fifty-six thousand Allied troops made their way ashore with eleven thousand planes supporting them and a powerful armada of more than two thousand and seven hundred ships at the coast destroying the "Atlantic Wall", Germany's most powerful coastal fortress ever during the war, and the beginning of the end of Hitler (German leader of World War II 1889-1945).

The landings took place on June the 6th, 1944 just one week after Winston was wrecked by an ammunition explosion killing his driver at Norbridge station after one of his vans caught fire behind Winston's tender. This happened on May the 30th, 1944.