Vital statistics
Position British Railways diesel
Age 61 (as of 2018)

Built in 1957

Arrived on Sodor N/A, visited in 1962
Status Unknown
Physical attributes

D261 is a Class 40 diesel who worked on British Railways in 1957 handling both passenger and freight trains across England. He met Diesel at a railway yard that he was expected to arrive before the British Railways Controller said that the Class 08 is sent to the NWR for shunting duties at Knapford Yards.


D261 said to the Class 08 where does he want his freight to be at, but Diesel said it was supposed to be in the siding where another goods train was due to a British steam locomotive's delay with steaming problems. The Class 40 understood the situation plus they know they could just start up and go. Later, D261 caught sight of Diesel's dismay after the controller told him about a new assignment due tomorrow. The Class 40 said not to worry about it and told him that the diesels are far more efficient than steam engines. He also said that once Diesel had been seen, plans to revolute the North West Railway will be imminent and show them how revolutionary they are. Diesel quite agreed to that and left for the Island of Sodor. In a theatrical trailer to the feature-length, he also said that the diesels don't have any problems like steam engines when starting up using coal and water or being electric.