Vital statistics
Position D1, works on Thomas' Branch Line
Age 58 (as of 2018)
Arrived on Sodor 1960
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Daisy is a diesel railcar locomotive who works on Thomas' Branch Line.


Daisy was borrowed from British Railways to do Thomas' work while he was at the works from that run in with the stationmaster's house. While Thomas was at the works, Daisy was there and she was rude and obnoxious. Daisy called the engine sheds "smelly" and Percy and Toby were cross. Then they went to the coach shed. Daisy finally felt comfortable but insulted Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta by calling them rubbish. The coaches were outraged and Percy took away the coaches. The next day, Percy and Toby were half awake but Daisy on the other hand, was full of energy and rolled out to take her next train. She was cheery at first until Toby shunted a milk van behind her. She then started to complain. Everyone argued with her until they realised they were late. Daisy's driver then uncoupled the milk van and Daisy and her passengers left. Daisy remained lazy and stubborn until The Fat Controller told her he'll send her back to the mainland. She soon understood and she remained on the Island of Sodor.


Daisy is based on a British Rail Class 101 built in 1960. However she is a railcar, whereas the real Class 101s were DMUs.




  • Daisy originally used the SI3D 2006 model, as it was the best model available at the time. The model was replaced by the RWS Daisy model by TheGermanEngine for Season 5.