Darkest Hour
Season Five, Episode Eleven
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Air date Saturday 12th of October, 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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One of a Kind Desperate Times

Darkest Hour is the eleventh episode of Season 5, and the sixty-third episode overall. This penultimate episode takes place in 1994.


Before Christmas one morning, Oliver was taking Isabel and Dulcie across the railway line but as he crossed the bridge, it felt something is wrong but the bridge collapsed after Dulcie ran over it. The guard was joined by Oliver's driver who told each other that the bridge is definitely gone. With the rails suspended upon it, The Little Western could be in danger of a fatal accident. After the intro, Oliver's driver returned to his cab and explained what happened. Oliver was sad, but the train headed for the next station to talk about the incident. The conversation also got into Tidmouth where Sheffield, Thomas and Duck were there with Stephen Topham Hatt about the railway's reputations. He had to talk at a press conference after this and the engines believed this could be devastating.

At the station after lunch, Oliver and Donald talked to each other when the GWR tank engine was still sad. The results of that collapse proved safe for Oliver despite if it wasn't, Dulcie could have fallen onto the road. Meanwhile at Knapford on the main line, The Fat Controller spoke to the media and asked for Charles West, the Sodor Nightly News reporter to talk about the incident with other reporters in turn taking notes. One news reporter who spoke Scottish said about the railway's safety of infrastructure and the Fat Controller said he sent civil engineers to see that tunnels and bridges are being safe. Gordon although insulted said by the Scottish news reporter said some sentences turning into a big fight with the Scottish news reporter storming off angrily, but the press conference was still continuing to be finished at Knapford station.

The reporters left and Stephen Topham Hatt spoke to Gordon which the blue tender engine said about the rudeness of that Scottish news reporter, using him to get the Fat Controller's attention. James and Percy believed not much passengers will come to the railway and it did. Every part of the railway was getting worse except the Skarloey Railway and the Arlesdale Railway but there's speculation that Thomas' fears are being justified. The episode ends with a TO BE CONTINUED....



  • An advertisement of Thomas and Gordon is shown at Knapford during the press conference.
  • The working title of this episode is "Sodor's Darkest Hour".
  • Sega Mario makes his first appearance as part of the voice cast.
  • In the original accident on the Little Western, Duck was supposed to be taking the train over the bridge, not Oliver, and the accident was meant to be a lot worse. Duck and his coaches would have fallen off the bridge and a passenger would have been killed. All this was going to be part of a 'what could have been' special, now created by TobyAndMavisForever on her Deviantart page.


  • The snow under the tank engines' wheels disappear when Duck was speaking about the NWR services.
  • Both Oliver's guard and driver have moustaches on the back of their heads. This has been spotted several times in most episodes.

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