Dave Matthews
Dave Matthews
Vital statistics
Position President of the GNRPS
Age Unknown
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Dave Matthews is the President of the Great Northern Railway Preservation Society and is the manager for Alice. He appears in at least three episodes of Sodor: The Early Years.

Season 3Edit

In 1983, Dave Matthews was talking to Alice near the end of episode twenty-six, Gordon's Promise. He said about the financial difficulties and not enough sponsors for the preservation society to survive on its own. He also decided that the engine could turn over to East Anglia. Matthews was left with a two day deadline and a choice that Alice could be in a heap of scrap. Sodor Nightly News reporter, Charles West talked to Sir Charles Topham Hatt about the society and its financial difficulties they were having. In London, Adam the Vice-President of the society came to see Alice that the sponsors have not arrived yet and later, Dave Matthews said that Gordon is arriving soon.

The volunteers refurbished her after their arrivals and used the final cent of money to buy a load of coal before Gordon arrived to pick her up. She announced that the volunteers did so well getting her through and with Gordon, the two engines double-head the train to Crovan's Gate where The Fat Controller met them. She told him also about her last overhaul which was in 1977. This was in episode twenty-seven, Rescue Mission as a two part episode.

Barry the Rescue EngineEdit

Dave Matthews in Alice's flashback came to buy Alice after she and Mary were put into a siding by a diesel. He only brought Alice, but not Mary because he needed only just one engine to be part of the Great Northern Railway Preservation Society. Alice was brought and Mary was dead for scrap. This happened in 1950 and the new engine, Barry was sad to hear this from her and the first time he heard about a steam locomotive's escape. In episode fifty-seven, Doubts, Barry would later hear the stories of escaping from both Douglas and Oliver during 1959 and the 1960's.