Season Four, Episode Two
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 13th October 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Medivac Douglas the Brave

Decisions is the second episode in Season 4, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.


The Little Western engines were settling down at their sheds one evening. A few days earlier, the Scottish twins helped taking an injured fisherman to Knapford so that an ambulance can take him to hospital. After the conversation of Caledonian blue and rail fans from Scotland coming to see them, Douglas' story begins on a railway in his native homeland, Scotland, during 1959 where the twins take freight trains outside Glasgow. The twins didn't have names, just numbers. Donald was 57646 and Douglas was 57647. They were the only two Caledonian engines regulated to shunting and freight duties across Scotland. They also have to pick up trucks at a steel mill outside Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, which had a steam engine named Neil, but one morning it was going to happen without notice.

The Scottish Railways Controller said that Donald is going to the North West Railway to help deal with the trucks as Douglas was left upset because both of them have been working well and 57647 is ordered to stay back in Scotland as part of the scrap heap.

Douglas went for his afternoon goods run and Neil in his shed quickly told him about the situation. Neil's story got to Douglas' mind that a man has brought the Sodor & Mainland Railway engine, but both his two brothers were scrapped by the railway inspectors who were desperately looking for money to stop The Great Depression across England. That night in the sheds, Donald and Douglas talked about their plan with 47288 overhearing it and wasn't bothered by Douglas' permission to take a goods train to a Scottish train station on Wednesday night. Next morning, their drivers came to meet them about the plan.

Douglas Anderson, the driver of Douglas said that they will wait for about twenty minutes and 57647 said to paint his number over in black. The driver also said that they cannot afford to be delayed and the plan was carried out that Wednesday night with a "TO BE CONTINUED".



  • Stock footage is used from the previous episode, Medivac.


  • When Douglas says "for a decades", the sentence doesn't make sense. It should be "for decades".



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