Dennis Jackson
Vital statistics
Position Workman
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Died in 1963
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Dennis Jackson was a workman who worked at the China Clay Quarry on Edward's Branch Line. Unfortunately in 1963, he was killed in an industrial accident here which prompts health and safety issues be made at the quarry. He is mentioned in the episode, Phantom of the Quarry.


In 1963, Jackson was killed in an industrial accident held at the quarry. Several workmen were injured in this incident. One of the main causes that led to management's strict rules was safety precautions which didn't go out well. His memorial was held at the entrance to the quarry in tribute to the workman. Bill and Ben were talking about Dennis Jackson after Edward departed back to Wellsworth and this went on from the afternoon until nighttime. Ben spoke to BoCo about what's going on and he says that Bill keeps telling him about the deceased workman. Bill and Ben talked about Dennis Jackson later on after the quarry had some severed mess-ups such as toolboxes going missing and some snapped couplings.