Dime For Trouble
Season 2 STMY, Episode 29
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 29th October, 2016
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Unwanted Caden
Dime For Trouble is the fourteenth episode of Season 2, and the 29th episode overall.


BoCo tells Edward about Ten Cents being scrapped, and they both want to help save him. Edward tells the Fat Controller about it, and she promises to try and help.

Later on, the Fat Controller comes to see Ten Cents, and tells him that she's bought him. He is going to be living in the Norramby Marina, and be an attraction for the Norramby Maritime Historical Society. As a result of this, two men come to inspect him and will give him an overhaul.

That night, Ben comes alongside and Ten Cents tells him about his history, that he was a part of Operation Minnow, which required small vessels to cross the Nazi-occupied English Channel to get supplies for the troops in World War 2. He, along with Hercules and Big Mac were sent, but only Ten Cents and Hercules survived, as Big Mac acted as a distraction so the other two could escape.

Edward and BoCo come to say goodbye the next morning, and Ten Cents sets off to his new home. On the way however, the storm hits and Ten Cents soon gets a radio message from Hubert the Hovercraft's crew, telling them that they are in trouble and need to be towed to safety. Ten Cents assist and takes Hubert to Norramby station, where he and the passengers are safe.

The storm clears, and Ten Cents arrives at the Norramby Marina. A man sitting in his boat opposite tells him that Charles West recorded footage of Ten Cents saving Hubert, and it has gone viral over Twitter and YouTube. This attracted visitors, and Ten Cents feels he will be happy in his new home once his overhaul is complete.


Voice Cast


  • This is the first time Hercules and Big Mac from TUGS are mentioned.
  • Stock footage from Storm Damage and World War II newsreels is used.


  • In the original upload, black screens appear throughout the episode. However, WildNorWester reuploaded it, fixing the errors.



Sodor the Modern Years Dime for Trouble16:45

Sodor the Modern Years Dime for Trouble

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