Season Five, Episode Five
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Air date Friday 30th August 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Doubts is the fifth episode of Season 5, and the fifty-seventh episode overall.


The Little Western has to haul harvest traffic from the Arlesdale Railway. Barry comes to help, but gets really depressed when he hears about Douglas and Oliver's runs from scrap. Alice had tried to convince Barry that the way she and Barry were rescued was a normal experience for those who were lucky enough to be saved. Barry collects some ballast trucks from Arlesburgh and unfortunately, they hold him back on the hill to Cliffton. Barry's driver pours sand on the rails, and he is able to get the trucks up the hill. Later that night, Barry is with the other engines at the sheds at Callan. The engines ask him who he was proving to, and he told them that he was proving to himself. Oliver knew what Barry had meant. A couple of nights later, Barry goes back to his heritage railway, and we see a scene of Sheffield puffing from the other railway.



  • Barry now has a female driver, voiced by ANB.
  • This is Barry's last appearance in Sodor: The Early Years and the series overall.
  • Black and white stock footage is used from On the Run, Escape and A Troubled Engine.
  • Vienna and Jinty1798 make their first appearances as part of the voice cast.


  • The narrator mentioned that Barry collected his trucks at Arlesdale, but the station is Arlesburgh West.
  • The part after Barry says "We'll see about that" has the scene on a blurred reflection.
  • The episode's title in the end credits is A Stranger in Need instead of Doubts.

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