Mike's driver, Jim in the episode Sheffield's Secret.
Vital statistics
Position Controller of an engine
Age Varies
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Various states
Physical attributes
Height Varies
Weight Varies

The Driver is a person who drives any locomotive from their sheds to pick up coaches or trucks in starting a journey. He or she can use the controls inside the locomotive's cab to move about across any railway on the Island of Sodor. The driver works closely with the fireman on the footplate to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Notable Drivers

Voice actors

WildNorWester has voiced all the drivers in the series, but two voice actors were chosen to do at least two drivers. Matthew Gamble voiced Sheffield's driver who told the guard if he had any bootlaces and some newspaper to wrap around a brake pipe that was broken by Sheffield's rough bumping of the Troublesome Trucks in Ruffled Feathers of Sodor: The Early Years. TenShine1 voiced Mike's driver in Sheffield's Secret of Sodor: The Early Years. In Doubts, ANB voiced Barry's driver when she laid sand on the rails near the train station along the coastal route of Duck's branch line, The Little Western. Barry had a firm grip on it as the Troublesome Trucks said to give up when they started to hold him back in the middle of the railway line.