Vital statistics
Position Harbour Tugboat
Age Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Drollan was a tugboat who worked at the Harwick Harbour.


Drollan was a very lazy tugboat who worked at the Harwick Harbour from before the 1940s. When Atlas told Rusty and Sir Handel a story where Ten Cents and Drollan worked together, and Drollan was not doing his fair share of the work and eventually took more than he could handle as proof he wasn't slacking, only to cause an accident and ended up confined to the harbour as punishment.


Drollan's superstructure is painted maroon and his funnel and hull is painted black. His name is painted on his sides in white.



Voice ActorEdit


  • Drollan is painted in the same colour scheme as the Z-Stacks fleet from TUGS.


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