East Knapford
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Between Knapford and Tidmouth
Inhabitants Oliver

East Knapford is a suburban station that first appeared in the feature-length special, Winds of Change. It is located between Knapford and Tidmouth.

Sodor: The Modern Years

Winds of Change

It first appeared in the intro to the special where both James with a passenger train leaves the station and Peter passing by with a goods train on the second line. Before the truck crash at the level crossing, Gordon was passing Oliver at this station with the express as the GWR engine had his two coaches at their side. Later, Henry was stopped by the stationmaster at this station saying that Gordon is knocked out and has to take his coaches at the scene. Henry later took Gordon's three coaches not derailed in the accident back to the station with Emily Helen Hatt riding in toll speaking to the green tender engine about Shane and the acting director Norman Spencer.


The station was where Gordon saw Mrs. Angela Johnson handing out flyers about her missing daughter Michelle. Mrs. Johnson gave Gordon a flyer to his driver and then Gordon told the other engines about Michelle and showed them the flyer. Pip and Emma passed the flyer along to a porter at London where they would find Michelle a couple of weeks later. Michelle would then take Gordon's suburban service to East Knapford where she was reunited with her parents after two years.