Railway Series Portrait
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Edward's Branch Line
Age 119 as of 2011
Status Operational
Physical attributes

Edward is a blue mixed traffic engine who works on the North West Railway.


Edward is a helpful engine who always knows just what to do. He usually comes up with a solution if anything is troubling someone, and easily gets the engines to work together and see through situations. He likes to keep Bill and Ben in order whilst running his branch line with BoCo. 


Edward is painted in the NWR's standard blue livery with his number plate being yellow with a red border on his tender. 


Edward is based on the Furness Railway K2 class of engines, nicknamed Larger Seagulls.





  • Originally, SI3D's 2006 Edward used as it was the best available. When SI3D made its 2010 version, the 2006 was replaced by the latter. The 2010 version itself was replaced when WildNorWester made his own model for Edward.
  • Edward received a brand-new model based on his RWS form in Season 1 STMY by WildNorWester. The model comes in NWR Blue and Furness Railway Red; as well as his original and new shapes, and includes Edward's old tender and Fowler tender.

Voice Actor


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