Edward's Branch Line
Vital statistics
Type Branch Line
Level Unknown
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Wellsworth to Brendam
Inhabitants Edward
Bill and Ben

Edward's Branch Line or the Brendam Bay Branch Line is a branch line that goes from Wellsworth to Brendam where ships come into its dockyards. Edward, Rowan and BoCo are in charge of both passenger and freight duties, and Bill and Ben haul China Clay trucks or do other jobs in the yard. The Main Line goes through Wellsworth.


Wellsworth is the main station of the branch line and main line expresses hauled by either Gordon, Henry, Alice, James or Patrick go through here. It is often known as Edward's station in WildNorWester's narrations for each episode. It was first mentioned in Limits where Henry gets an emergency on Gordon's Hill straight to the stationmaster and later the station appeared in both Shakedown and Winds of Change where Edward was going to be the victim of a crash by the Troublesome Trucks after breaking away from Percy and Donald speaking to Shane about the advice of trying to hurry due to a signal crisis. In 2011, Sheffield was needed on the branch to help Edward and BoCo, who were 'quite overworked', according to Miss Hatt.

Suddery is the station after Wellsworth and is where both stations became the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway which ran from 1870 to 1914 with the line running by Colin, Adam and Lily. Brendam is the last station and terminus to Edward's Branch Line where BoCo, Edward, Bill and Ben and other engines work on passenger and freight duties at the final station. This town also has access to the dockyards where ships come in carrying resources from the British Isles being unloaded by cranes after their arrival. For ships going out, cranes have to load resources into the ship's hull with safety before the ship goes out into open seas.