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Patrick, Bear and Jinty at Elsbridge
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier three
Opened 1885, re-opened 1915
Closed N/A
Location Thomas' Branch Line
Inhabitants Unknown

Elsbridge is a station on Thomas' Branch Line and is the interchange for The Main Line engines to pick up passengers here.


In Tolerance, Douglas was at the station when Percy had busted his cylinder trying to move a few meters. Patrick later took Douglas' train with his goods after knowing about his limits and the Scottish tender engine took the green tank engine to the works at Crovan's Gate. It was here in Super Rescue that the cavalcade stopped at Elsbridge station. Gordon took The Limited to the mainland and Donald took D199's tankers. Following a conversation between Henry and Patrick at Elsbridge Yard, they and D199 went to the works for repairs. During the episode Changes, Thomas met his former driver who is now working as a stationmaster just before Henry arrived to drop off his passengers and Percy took the blue tank engine's coaches for a long journey. Thomas was left in a siding at the station finding that a stone was in his funnel which Harry claimed to have been from some boys throwing stones at a bridge near Dryaw.

In Rough Engines, Gordon was passing Daisy near this station with the express when he told his driver that something was wrong and should slow down which was too late. A loud thud was heard and it was revealed that one of his suspension springs had collapsed. Its final appearance of the station was in Expectations where Richard Topham Hatt came to meet Toby and went back to the station on Thomas. Emily Helen Hatt, his seventeen year old daughter was waiting with Sir Stephen Topham Hatt to which he wanted to tell his son that if he was interested in the railway to become the next Fat Controller. Richard Topham Hatt didn't have that interest and chose to do information and technology as his main choice of a new job. It was then agreed by The Fat Controller as Thomas chuffed away with his two coaches.

In Consequences, Lily was delayed at the station while waiting for Henry's train. To her surprise, Bear brought the train instead. She asked him why Henry wasn't pulling the train, adding the question "He has not stalled in a tunnel again has he?" Bear replied that Henry had some trouble with his water feed pipe, and that he'll be taking Bear's goods as soon as it's fixed.