Emma Chesterton
Vital statistics
Position Daughter of Barbara and Ian Chesterton
Age Forty-seven
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Emma Chesterton was the daughter of both Barbara and Ian Chesterton who went missing in the first episode of Season 3 called Search Engines.


Trevor told Edward that Emma Chesterton was not seen since yesterday as it was a drizzly Sunday morning. The police now coordinated the search of the missing woman, but to no use and everyone tried to search for her too. Both The Policeman and Thomas found her car but once again, there was no sign of Emma Chesterton which the search party was unable to continue due to the darkness it was going to get closer into the night. Diesel criticized Edward for not getting to meet her before Bill was able to talk to the Class 08 locomotive. With Sir Charles Topham Hatt speaking about the abandoned search for the woman, Diesel set off with some China clay trucks and later finds the woman down near the viaduct sitting on a rock. She said to him that she had an argument with her parents and ran away from home by taking their car. She hurt her shoulder while trying to climb up the cliff. Harold picked her up and took her to the nearest hospital in a stable condition. Both of her parents congratulated Diesel for finding their missing daughter after three searches for her were made too late due to the sky becoming darker and darker.

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