Vital statistics
Type Country
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location United Kingdom

England is part of The United Kingdom and is located with Wales to the west, Scotland to the north, the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. Its flag was in a white background with a red cross and later on, it had the colors of blue, red and white to represent The United Kingdom.

In Sodor: The Early Years

England had been the subject of British Railways in many episodes and some of them take place within the country. The two-part episode of Season 3, both On the Run and Escape actually took place at Compton Magna which represents British Railways between two British cities, both London and Barrow-in-Furness. During the fourth season, the episode Iron Hero took place in England at Norbridge station during the Second World War. Both Mary and Winston were good friends to the porter Colin Stiles who was on the platform. Winston and his driver, James Clarke were remembered on a tombstone at this station after an ammunition explosion killed both of them while trying to escape from making a bomb blast which could destroy the whole of Norbridge town. The engines who heard the story were sad at the loss of both Mr. Clarke and Winston.

In Bad Apple, Diesel was working in this country before being sent to the NWR in 1957 by Sir Charles Topham Hatt just five years before another diesel, D261 came to the NWR in 1962 during Stepney's visit to the North West Railway. Bear came to the NWR and was saved by the directors of British Railways to prevent him returning home and being scrapped like his brothers in 1984 despite feeling sad at this during episode forty, One Good Deed.