Evan and Edwin
Vital statistics
Position Handle passenger and luggage trains
Age 32 (as of 2018)

Built in 1986

Arrived on Sodor Sometime after 1996
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 13' (3.86 m)
Weight 47.47 long tons (53.16 imperial tons)
Evan and Edwin are two railcar twins who work on the Norramby Branch Line.


They were first mentioned as "Two Diesel Railcars" in the book Locomotives and Legends and made their first proper appearance in Season 2 of Sodor: The Modern Years. They both have strong opinions, and sometimes don't take change well, Evan more so; demonstrated by the arrival of Hubert and Pip and Emma. The two rail motors are somewhat different in the way they handle themselves. Evan is quite hot-headed, often with a 'bee in his bonnet.' In contrast, Edwin is quiet and reserved, although he can get quite frustrated at times, sharing the same frustrations as Evan.

In Surf Line, Evan and Edwin were skeptical of Hubert, a hovercraft running a ferry service from Blackpool to Norramby; Evan blaming him for Gordon's retirement from express duties. They were both proven wrong later on and learned to trust him.

In Engines of All Trades, whilst Evan was out for a five yearly inspection, and James was looking after his trains, Edwin finally revealed why he and Evan were always so grumpy. He stated that their frustration stems from their inability to perform other tasks that the other locomotives are capable of, making them envious of Owen. Seeing this, Owen suggests to The Fat Controller to give the railcar twins different couplings and an addition of buffers. The twins were fitted with these, and they have since changed their attitudes.


Evan and Edwin are based on BR Class 142 Pacers, built in 1986.




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