Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location End of Thomas' Branch Line
Inhabitants Mavis

Ffarquhar is the top station and the terminus of Thomas' Branch Line, and Anopha Quarry is situated a few miles north of the station.


In Little Western, a rock slide occurs between Ffarquhar and the quarry which injures two workmen. Oliver brought Annie and Clarabel to the station where Harold took the workmen to the hospital. In Old Tricks,Thomas and Percy nearly collided with each other on a rainy day, resulting in them having a fall out. Diesel was brought in to work on the branch line. It also appeared in Comfort Zone where Mavis was asked to do a passenger run after Percy's accident with a lorry.

In the feature-length episode, Bad Apple, it appeared when Diesel was taking trucks to the quarry before he was stopped by a policeman. It also appeared during A Stranger in Need when Percy stopped the bad driver of a hit and run incident.