Vital statistics
Position User of heavy technology
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

A Flatcar is used to transport large goods that are rarely considered to be heavy and are pulled by Sodor's engines.


One of the flatcars used in the series by WildNorWester was to have Caroline on it after she broke down attempting to stop Stepney from reaching The Little Western. Donald brought the flatcar from the last station, he had dropped off and brought Caroline on it using the Breakdown Train. She was then taken back to the cricket field before Stepney left the flatcar somewhere in Knapford Yards in order to see the other engines at the sheds. Between 1985 and 1994, the railway first introduced flatcars with shipping containers on it so that heavier goods can be carried all across the North West Railway. This was nearly marred by a scandal, but they were safe to proceed by Sir Stephen Topham Hatt who was the current controller at the time.

In 1985, there were two flatcars that James had to bring them to Crovan's Gate in two sections. They both contained a rusted, old steam engine named Barry. One carried the front of him and the other carried his own tender. Between the end of The Lucky Ones and the start of Testing Times, he was hauled off the two flatcars before Sir Charles Topham Hatt ordered the restoration of Barry to start immediately after the locomotive was hauled off.

They were first seen during the feature-length special, Winds of Change. This will later be coming into Season 1 STMY which will start in 2009 after the deputy NWR director, Norman Spencer resigned over a lack of response in the signal crisis that Wednesday and controlling the railway under his tyranny for an entire week without schedule, but with a lot of delays on the NWR. In Doncaster Drawn, Douglas had a flatcar on his goods train, carrying Olivia from the works at Crovan's Gate to the Arlesdale Railway at Arlesburgh West. In Rough Start, she was then hauled off the flatcar by the Breakdown Train onto the narrow-gauge tracks before Mr. Andrew Duncan introduced himself to the new steam locomotive.

In Taking Care of Christmas, some of the flatcars Patrick was hauling had derailed outside The Container Yard including him, due to the ice causing the tracks he was on to become frozen solid. The rescue attempt took all the way towards that evening.

In Season 2 STMY, The Fat Controller had Evan and Edwin fitted with buffers and couplers so that they could pull flatcars of luggage and vehicles brought by Hubert the Hovercraft after it was suggested by Owen.