Flying Fish
Flying Fish
Season Five, Episode Nine
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 27th September 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Phantom of the Quarry One of a Kind

Flying Fish is the ninth episode of Season 5, and the sixty-first episode overall.


At the station of Kellsthorpe Road, Eric meets Sheffield who is taking over the Kirk Ronan Branch Line as the LNER V3 tank engine goes for his five yearly service from 1989. The two tank engines talked about what is needed to be done, including Henry's Flying Kipper that is needed to be picked up that night. Sheffield later arrived at the docks with a goods train, but he didn't notice the Troublesome Trucks talking about him and one of them called Duck rudely as a "snob". The trucks were quiet when Sheffield picked them up and when traveling, they said not to cause trouble yet until night time. That evening, Sheffield picked up the fish train and took them up the line where the trucks attempted to stop him from going further. A coupling snapped and as Sheffield called his driver, the trucks rolled backwards to the docks after knocking their guard out of his brake van to prevent breaking fiercely. Sheffield gave chase and the trucks crashed through the old shed's wooden door, but Brian spoke to him from inside the shed.

Early next morning, Bear brought the Breakdown Train to the docks and Sheffield helped the workmen clear up the mess by taking the re-railed vans. After this, The Fat Controller arrived and spoke to the tank engine about the trucks. The workman told the controller that Sheffield is to bring Brian out and the mission was deemed a success. The Fat Controller said to the brake van about his abandonment and Sir Topham Hatt I could've made him scrapped as Brian's ultimate fate. The Fat Controller talked to both Sheffield and Brian, but to their surprise was that the brake van was going to be restored after the controller looked at Brian with metals in rust and timber in weathered plus rotten conditions. The workman was later spoken to by the controller. That evening, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt spoke to Sheffield about the trucks and Brian being with the austerity tank engine. Sheffield handled goods and passengers as Eric had to replace a cylinder head which had developed cracks in it.

Next day after the clean up and the Fat Controller's visit, Eric returned from the works and Sheffield was getting ready to pull a goods train to the docks. Brian was ready and Eric left him on the back of Sheffield's train. As he started to leave, the trucks started giggling. The Troublesome Trucks talked to Brian about the joke and Sheffield had heard the trucks speaking out. The brake van responded to him to not worry about it and the tank engine finally agreed.



  • Stock footage is being used from both Ruffled Feathers and Medivac.
  • Donald9andDouglas10 makes his first appearance as part of the voice cast. He did half of his script as the fish van and WildNorWester later did the rest of it.


  • The fish van mispronounces Sheffield's name during the runaway scene.

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